Laboratory Registration Process

As of January 1, 2023, the Watertown Fire Department requires annual registration for each individual laboratory in addition to any necessary hazardous/flammable and combustible materials permits. Registration is a multi-step process consisting of:

  1. Request for new registration: The Lab Safety Officer shall be notified HERE of your company’s registration request. You will then be contacted by the Lab Safety Officer to discuss the registration process and have any questions answered.
  2. Submission of documents: The list of required documents can be found on the Watertown Fire Department “Required Documents for Laboratory Registration” check list. Some of the documents are furnished by the Watertown Fire Department and can be found HERE. All documents shall be completed in their entirety and submitted as individual PDF files and labeled appropriately. The required “.t2s” file shall be submitted as is. All documents shall be submitted to the Lab Safety Officer.
  3. A walkthrough of the facility: After all documents are completed, submitted, and checked by the Lab Safety Officer, a facility walk through will be scheduled. During the walk through, flammable, combustible, and hazardous material storage areas will be inspected.  The walkthrough will also evaluate access for emergency responders.
  4. Issuing of required permits: After the facility walkthrough, if there are no outstanding issues, permits will be issued, and the initial registration process is complete
  5. Renewal of registration: Flammable and combustible material permits with the Watertown Fire Department expire on September 30 each year. Laboratory Registration will expire on the same date. An updated registration will be submitted with applications for flammable and combustible permits. The registration process will be followed to update any changes.
  6. Change in registration: If laboratory registration information changes, the fire department shall be notified HERE. The Lab Safety Officer will determine the steps necessary to document the change. Example: a change in contact information may only need an updated contact form. A change in location may need a new registration and permits.
  7. Termination of registration: Upon a company ceasing operation in the City of Watertown, the fire department shall be notified. You will be contacted by the Lab Safety Officer. A signed “Termination of Laboratory Registration” document shall be submitted as soon as possible. The company’s laboratory registration and hazardous/flammable and combustible materials permits will be closed.