CPA Projects Funded FY 2022-2024

FY 2024 Funded Projects

Name:  Walker Pond Conceptual Design and Ecological Studies

Location: Walker Pond, Parcel 807 1B 1A

Description: The Department of Community Development and Planning will supervise the landscape architecture firm; Warner Larson Landscape Architects and their consultant team hired to produce a conceptual design and conduct ecological studies. Resulting survey information along with engineering, environmental, ecological reports will inform the design and use developed through a public engagement process. 

CPA Funding: $145,000

Name: Saltonstall Park Rehabilitation

Location: 25 Whites Avenue

Description: The Department of Public Works will enhance and beautify Saltonstall Park using architectural firm, MDLA's design. The project will yield new understory plantings, flowering and shade trees, installation of realigned accessible pathways, new benches, dark sky compliant lighting, as well as fabrication and installation of a permanent performance structure.

CPA Funding: $2,013,745

Name: Browne House Structural Engineering

Location: 562 Main Street

Description: Historic New England will hire Simpson, Gumpertz & Heger to develop structural engineering specifications and create the construction documents that will be used to repair a cracked beam in the Browne House, built circa 1698.  The Browne House is on the National and State Historic Registers and features a rare framing style in which beams are framed in a crosswise direction and not tied into posts or a chimney wall.

CPA Funding: $7,245

FY 2023 Funded Projects

Name: Rehabilitation/Preservation of Old Burying Ground and Common Street Cemetery 

Location: Mount Auburn and Arlington Streets/Mount Auburn and Common Streets

Description: The Historical Society of Watertown will manage this project to develop historic preservation masterplans for the two oldest cemeteries in Watertown that are owned by the city. These masterplans will address landscape character, circulation, walls/fencing, gravestones, soil, lawns, other vegetation and trees as well as a plan for long-term maintenance. 

CPA Funding: $94,590

Name: Commander's Mansion Cultural Landscape Report and Building Exterior Assessment

Location: 440 Talcott Avenue

Description: The Department of Community Development and Planning will manage this project to create a Cultural Landscape Report for and perform a building exterior assessment of the Commander's Mansion. The resulting report and assessment will guide the restoration priorities and preservation of this historic resource, making recommendations for preservation treatment as public access and use. This municipally owned property is on the National and State Registers of Historic Places.

CPA Funding: $102,470

Name: Edmund Fowle House Museum Gutter Replacement - COMPLETED

Location: 28 Marshall Street

Description: The Historical Society of Watertown will manage this project to replace the gutters on this historically significant house found on the National and Massachusetts Registers of Historic Places and owned by the Historical Society of Watertown. In addition to replacing the wood gutters with longer lasting fiberglass gutters, the rotting fascia boards will be replaced with new cedar boards.

CPA Funding: $47,300

The Edmund Fowle House gutters were restored in the fall of 2023. View the in-progress work and final product in the photos below.

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Name: 103 Nichols Avenue Group Home 

Location: 103 Nichols Avenue

Description: The Watertown Housing Authority will manage this project for predevelopment and initial development of a 5-bedroom group home affordable at 60% Area Median Income for individuals with developmental disabilities. CPA funds will be used for engineering fees and architectural design to produce construction and bid documents. The property is owned by the Watertown Housing Authority and will be managed by them while Beaverbrook STEP will operate the program.

CPA Funding: $175,000

FY 2022 Funded Projects

Name: 1630 & 1930 City Hall Geographical Paintings

Location: Watertown City Hall, 149 Main Street

Description: The Historical Society of Watertown will manage this project to stabilize, repair, and preserve two 7.5' x 5.5' paintings that flank the City Hall Foyer. A frame expert will refurbish the current brass frame and fabricate reproductions of the missing sections of the frame. Additionally two protective wooden and steel barriers will be constructed and installed to protect the paintings from damage. The front rail of each barrier will have signage that will describe the painting.

CPA Funding: $33,000

On December 2, 2022, after being in place for 90 years, the City Hall Geographical Paintings were removed for restoration by Maquette Fine Arts Services. Louise Orsini, a fine arts conservator has stabilized painting edges and is meticulously cleaning and restoring areas of paint loss on the two paintings. Meanwhile, Andrew Haines, painter and framer, is performing the intricate work of fabricating missing sections of the paintings' original brass frames in time for the reinstallation of the artworks. He will bring his best trompe l'oeil technique to match the patina of the original frames.

Currently, there is a City Hall Geographic Paintings exhibit is in the lobby where you may read and view images about what is known about the historical paintings and learn more about the restoration process. Visit for updates and to track the progress of the restoration.
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Image description: The left side of the section of one painting has been cleaned displays a brighter appearance

Name: Irving Park - COMPLETED

Location: Irving Park North and Irving Park South

Description: Watertown Department of Public Works rehabilitated Irving Park in 2023 to improve passive recreational opportunities and the appearance of this 0.33-acre park. The improvements feature 6" granite curbing around the park perimeter and a central gathering area with brick paving in a herringbone pattern. Park visitors may now enjoy this seating space with four benches and low-level bollard lighting. Low height black custom fencing accent each end of the park along with shrubs and perennial plantings. Additionally, flowering trees are planted throughout. The project was completed in August of 2023.

CPA Funding: $414,000

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See construction photos.