Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services

The Watertown Fire Department is the primary EMS provider in the City of Watertown. The Department owns 2 fully equipped Class 1 ambulances. On most days one of these ambulances is in service, as manpower allows. All Watertown firefighters are required to be medically trained and licensed as EMTs. The Department responds to approximately 3,000 medical emergencies annually.

Advanced Life Support (ALS)

In February of 2017 the department upgraded the ambulance service to provide Advance Life Support to the citizens and visitors of Watertown. The department now employs EMTs trained to the paramedic level to staff the ambulance with the call sign of Medic 1.

Rescue One
  1. Lieutenant David Meagher

    David Meagher

    Lieutenant - Training/EMS

  2. Messina_Dave

    David Messina

    ALS Coordinator